Today in the city Malta 19.10.2017

This Three Percenter Militia Is Hell-Bent on Keeping Its Guns

VICE embeds with one of America's controversial, right-wing, "anti-terror" militias, the Georgia III% Security Force.

Assassinated Journalist Was Anti-Corruption Warrior In Malta

Daphne Caruana Galizia was a 53-year-old journalist and blogger on the island of Malta when she was assassinated in a car bombing earlier this week.

Big Pharma funded anti-US militia in Iraq, US veterans allege in lawsuit

U.S. and European drug companies indirectly yet knowingly funding Iran-backed Iraqi militias that carried out attacks against U.S. troops, veterans of the Iraq War alleged in a lawsuit filed Tuesday.

Netflix's foray into merchandising could be a multi-billion dollar business

During Tuesday's third quarter earnings call, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings and other executives donned "Stranger Things" Christmas sweaters with embroidered blinking lights in a stunt designed to promote...

Suit Alleges U.S. Firms Bribed Iraq Militia That Killed Americans

A suit filed Tuesday alleges that firms like GE and Pfizer bribed Iraqi health officials linked to the Mahdi Army, which built bombs that killed U.S. soldiers.

PKK terrorists give the finger to fleeing Barzani militia in Kirkuk

Vertical video Another video evidence showing the (bad) coordination between the Barzani peshmerga militia supported by Israel and PKK terrorists from abroad. Lured out of Syrian and Turkish caves, t...

peshmerga militia ambush Iraqi forces -regrets it within seconds

Iraqi forces recorded the first moment when peshmerga militia loyal to the kurdish dictator Barzani breeched the peace and opened fire towards Iraqi forces on Iraqi land. Iraqi forces responded, enem...

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